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USTM develops bridge course for Madrassa students towards mainstream education

9th Mile, Khanapara, Ri Bhoi, February 8, 2022: Keeping in mind the mandate of New Education Policy-2020, the Outreach Division of the University of Science and Technology Meghalaya (USTM) has developed several professional, technical and skill-based courses for Madrassa students which are backed up by the most advanced technological support to not only make them qualified but equally skilled and self-reliant. The USTM, in association with ERD Foundation Guwahati has also organized a seminar on the 15th of February at KNB Women’s College Badarpur to have a brainstorm and find a roadmap in this direction with the participation of educational experts.

Speaking in this context, Prof G D Sharma, Vice Chancellor, USTM stated, “In the present era of huge unemployment across the country, the State Government’s sudden decision to close down Madrasas in Assam has brought thousands of youths on the crossroad where they are option less and helpless. They seem to stand on an uncertain space and looking at a blur future. One can easily predict that this will lead towards a fragile society, a society full of uncertainties which may even lead to lot of unrest in it”.

Prof K. Mohd. Basheer, former Vice Chancellor, University of Calicut who is one of the advocates of this bridge course stated that this unprecedented move to guide the students passed out of Madrassa for mainstream education has been taken with an aim to cater to higher educational need of the Madrassa students, who would otherwise be deprived of mainstream education and become victim of massive unemployment. The students will be guided and especially trained towards becoming successful entrepreneurs, job creators instead of job seekers, thereby making them contributors in the nation building process.

Under this initiative, the Madrassa students will undergo a varied duration of bridge courses to be eligible for various professional and technical courses being offered at USTM. These courses have been designed based on the level of courses the Madrassa students have completed from their Madrassa and accordingly they may undergo 1-year, 2-year and 3-year bridge courses so that they can acquire the requisite level of knowledge and skill in order to undergo a technical or a professional course. ERDF invites all Madrassa students to join in this mission for their brighter future and thus shaping a better society.

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