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Dr Abdul Wase from USA addresses the foundation laying program of PA Sangma International Medical College & Hospital at USTM

Think out of the box, read biographies: Dr Abdul Wase at USTM



9th Mile, Khanapara, Ri-Bhoi, October 6, 2022: “When I first heard about this project, I got excited. I have been amazed by the dedication of Mahbubul Hoque. I had no doubt about it that this university will start this PA Sangma International Medical College and Hospital very soon. Mr Hoque is truly Sir Syed of the East.” This was stated by Dr Abdul Wase, Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Premier Health and Professor of Medicine, Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine Dayton, Ohio, United States as he was addressing an august gathering at the Central Auditorium of the University of Science and technology Meghalaya on the occasion of the foundation laying ceremony of PA Sangma International Medical College & Hospital on Monday, 3rd of October 2022.

Appreciating the leadership and dedication of the Hon’ble Chancellor of USTM Dr Wase said that students are lucky to be here at USTM as the Chancellor of the University addresses the problems of students individually. He urged the students to think out of the box, read books such as biographies of scientists and politicians.

Thanking everyone present Dr Wase said, “It is an awesome gathering on this historic day. First let me say happy Durga puja to all. And really it is your tenacity that you stuck around despite the onset of the puja celebration. That is an amazing feat.”

Quoting Charles Dickens, he said, “We saw the best of humanity and the worst of humanity during the recent pandemic. We saw the selfless dedication of millions of healthcare workers. And it was made possible that within 10 months’ time, we could have vaccines for Covid-19”.

Mentioning about the burden in healthcare in India, he said that cardiovascular disease is number one cause of death. The risk factors for this disease, according to him, are diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, abnormal lipid profile, family history of premature heart disease, genetic predisposition and habit of eating rich food.

Highlighting the importance of mental health, he stated that mental health has not yet been recognized as an important health issue in the world. In western societies, however, people are considering it as a disease. But it is still a stigma, he added.

Dr Wase stated that infant mortality rate is considered as one of the indexes or indices in a country. India has improved significantly and not in the top 40 of infant mortality rates. He said that wherever there is education and Healthcare, infant mortality goes down.

Tremendous strides have been made and that is why we have seen a success of decreasing infant mortality rate. “But we need to work harder and continue working on reducing that. Of course, there are chronic diseases such as cancer, asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease, common blindness caused by cataract”, he said.

Speaking on the technological advancement made during the last few decades, he stated that innovation and entrepreneurship is important and there are amazing areas that one can do research here in University of Science and Technology Meghalaya. Referring to the existing animal house at USTM that has rats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc he said that there is a golden opportunity to do animal work based here. Because in the west there is a lot of problems with the shortage of animals to do this kind of work. He appreciated the Pharmacy College of USTM for its drug related research activities. He also spoke on new technology related to gene therapy.

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